Then and Now

That Was Then …

Once upon a time (in 2002 in fact), Louis Gutierrez and Sharon Moskowitz (two good friends with a mutual history of sketch comedy, improvisation, writerly experimentation, and dedicated geekdom) went to a big convention and saw – er, heard the brilliant Atlanta Radio Theatre Company at work. Whereupon, the glint of mad creation came into their eyes, and they turned to each other and said, “Hey, we can do that.”

This made the audience rather unhappy, as they were all trying to listen to the show.

Nevertheless, the two persevered, and found that they could not, in fact, “do that.” They would need help. So they dragged in their loved ones and invited other funny, exhibitionist, writerly- and improvisationally-inclined geeks to help. The result was curious.

This is Now …

After many open auditions, we’ve grown beyond the original members. Performers at heart, all members have the opportunity to act. But what makes us different?

We also take on the very specialized roles in the writing, recording and production. Our approach is Guerrilla style, for the moment, but we do try to get the best out of the resources we have at hand.

We’re interested in a more flexible medium to experiment with the story narrative. Thanks to technology, it’s possible to produce audio theater on a less expensive scale allowing far more artistic freedom. imagine blowing up a starship on a $200 budget!

We’re determined to make something of our own. We make interesting noises together. Sometimes the noises are just silly. Sometimes they make stories appear in your head.

The result is now… Curious Echo Radio Theater.

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